Walter Martin – The World At Night

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Produced by multi-instrumental wizard and studio guru Josh Kaufman (Craig Finn, The National, Josh Ritter), the album is Martin’s most richly orchestrated and grandly cinematic collection to date, with sweeping strings and exuberant horns fleshing out his spare, understated vocal delivery. The songs here call to mind everything from Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits to Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson, balancing soul-baring intimacy with sophisticated-yet-lighthearted arrangements as they walk a delicate tightrope between laughter and despair, faith and doubt, security and uncertainty. There is a darkness looming in ‘The World At Night,’ as indeed there is in the world at large, but Martin’s writing always manages to locate the light, each track a little lantern inviting you to share in its warm and comforting glow. (Anthony Damato, New York City, September 2019)