The wisdom of a music industry veteran. The passion of a newcomer.

Veterans of the music industry gain wisdom by perfecting their craft over time. But there’s also a lot to be said for the tireless energy of music business newcomers. Words & Music delivers both. We’ve been handling publishing administration since 2002.  During that time, we’ve become an expert in our field without losing our unadulterated passion for music.

Our Company & History

Words & Music was founded by Kim McCollum-Mele in March of 2002 as a collection agency for unpaid karaoke royalties.  After licensing and recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars in karaoke royalties for music publishers and songwriters, Words & Music found their efficient and effective processes could be used to regulate and police the use of copyrights in all areas of music.

The foundation of our company was built solely via “word of mouth”; the original social media platform.  We take great pride in this, as we believe a recommendation from another client is always more powerful than a board-room created marketing plan.

In October 2015, Words & Music became a division of Big Deal Music, LLC, an artist-driven independent publishing company that is dedicated to maximizing opportunities for its writers and publishers.  This move allows us to offer innovative creative services on top of our existing administration foundation to create a vibrant new business to better meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing music industry.

Today, Words & Music is a trusted, world-wide administration partner for hundreds of music publishers, songwriters and copyright holders. We provide superior royalty collection, unique creative services and most importantly—peace of mind (the absence of mental stress or anxiety) that all aspects of your catalog are being attended to with the care and attention they deserve.